Resource Group

The Abortion Service Quality Resource Group (ASQ-RG) was formed in 2017. The ASQ-RG offers feedback and suggestions at each stage of the ASQ Initiative, provides updates on local initiatives related to quality of care, and supports the dissemination of ASQ Initiative study results.

ASQ-RG members commit to:

  • Participating in quarterly conference calls and providing feedback at key stages throughout metric development.
  • Supporting field testing: members of the ASQ-RG may be invited to support field testing of indicators and/or to provide feasibility testing support and feedback.
  • Disseminating project results via member organizations and networks; identifying opportunities for local dissemination, as well as appropriate methods of communication.
  • Participating in in-person meetings to advance the project [optional]



Any recognized abortion provider, researcher, advocate, or health services leader is eligible to be considered for membership in the ASQ-RG. Candidates should demonstrate expertise in abortion, reproductive health, performance measurement or related field and be active participants in the field through activities such as research, service provision, management, conference presentations, participation at relevant meetings, etc. In addition, candidates must be willing to meet the participation commitments summarized above.

Our membership aim is to have diverse organizational, country, and professional type represented in the ASQ-RG. Therefore, we will limit organizational representation to not more than three representatives per organization. We will seek to identify and include representatives from field office locations where we are coordinating formative research and field testing.

To join the ASQ-RG, please fill out and submit a membership request form.



ipas forum

Current members can use their unique logins to access the ASQ Resource Group Forum. Nonmembers interested in joining the Resource Group can fill out a membership request form to apply for Forum access.